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  People living in the world, will always face the pressure from various fields of different, may be work, may be a family, may also be economic burden, moderate pressure can supervise and urge us to grow, but when the pressure breakthrough point, will be frustrating.


  The study found that to find some ways to help you release the pressure, to maintain the momentum of progress, scientists have confirmed that the following 10 ways can help relax, try to keep these habits, do you know it will be easier to put down.


  1, meditation. Meditation is a form of mind relax, through the stability of the breathing and eliminate the distractions, the brain's mood will have obvious changes, the study found that meditation, the body's breathing, blood pressure, the brain will remain in the state of calm, metabolism will change, can naturally antidepressant and depression.


  2, regular exercise. , according to research at harvard medical school is the key to relax the mind to relax the body, because relax body sends out a quiet signals, help reduce stress. Regular exercise is the most effective way to relax, the brain releases endorphins, make people feel happy, accelerate the metabolism of result, nature can forget about all kinds of pressure.


  3, a hot bath. If you feel work pressure to the embarrassing, might as well try to take a hot bath, tight mood can release soon. According to the report at the national institutes of health, hot water can help to vasodilation, increase the blood oxygen content, thus reducing muscle tension and pain caused by the pressure, as well as relax the body and mind.


  4, spend more time with pets. If you feel stressed, home and lonely unbearable, no stress relief objects, situations where conditions permit, might as well go to adopt a pet, shift your focus. The study found that people with pets, the body is sending out a kind of chemical hormone, this hormone can lower blood pressure, relieve tension, and the pet itself all sorts of cute, let a person see the happy, also naturally happy.


  5, take a deep breath. The importance of "breathe" by the experts research hailed as "the biggest bane pressure". When we were anxiety, stress, strain, people breathing will increase and short-lived, oxygen levels in the blood becomes is not high, the mood will be more on. Instead, take a deep breath to help relating to provide to your brain, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, it can slow the heart rate, relax the pressure of suffocation.


  6, close your eyes and imagine the most favorite tourist spot. Psychologists suggest, spend at least 15 minutes each day to do the day dream ─ ─ to imagine yourself in the scenery beautiful flowers and quiet rooms, sunny coast, or full of pure forest, to be in this not only helps improve attention, also can let oneself temporarily forget about work problems.


  7, actually went on holiday. Come to an end when the work of periodic tasks, tourism is actually the most can help charging way, turn off cell phones, away from the network, revel in a foreign land exotic charm in human culture, which was the key to tourism are so popular. Study investigated a "no leave", "holiday", "a long vacation" in the mood mood contrast, found that those who felt "very relaxed", at least holiday lasts more than 2 weeks.


  8, listening to music. Study found that people in a tense situation, listening to music can make the nervous system easier to restore, both classical moderate pace, or gripping his lines in pop songs, to find oneself to like, enchanted music, a soothing pipeline ─ ─ imagine singers sing your heart, after catharsis, everything will be after a storm comes a calm.


  9, try to graffiti, painting. Study found that art therapy is a kind of relaxation techniques, this way of pressure release can help ease mood, focus, which is on the market more and more color painting this popular reason. In addition, if not painting, no art talent and it doesn't matter, because the focus is on unconstrained style to draw the outline of an imaginary world, wound healing pressure.


  10, give yourself a little time alone. Smart phones bring us great convenience, but also make life more enjoyable, but its strong conditionality has changed People's Daily, we live in invisible shadow shackles of mobile phones, pressure can also improve. The study found that modern people should put down the phone, enjoy yourself alone, alone can help to know self, stimulate thinking and imagination, can strengthen compassion and empathy, both for work and life has a great help.


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