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  For patients with depression, poor thinking or cognitive impairment is the main cause of depression.


  Self denial


  Depressed people are good at denying their positive emotions and behaviors; on the contrary, they are tolerant of their negative emotions and behaviors. Even if they don't like negative emotions, they subconsciously let them grow.



  If you want to get rid of depression, you have to completely rebuild your thinking mode.


  Imputation to oneself


  This bad feeling is the root of guilt. Any negative event in your life, even if it's not related to you, will make you think it's your fault or prove your incompetence.


  Feeling guilty about yourself can make you feel very guilty. Your strong sense of responsibility will force you to bear the world. It will make you out of breath. You confuse "influence" with "control.". Realize that no matter who you are, you will influence others to some extent. But in the end, people do their own thing, and you can't control it, can you?


  either this or that


  One of the worst consequences is that when you look at people or things, you tend to be an autocrat. For example, if you fail in the exam, you will think that I am a failure and I am a failure. But in reality, you just fail the exam once, no one will succeed in the exam for a lifetime, and get 100 each time. So the idea of either or is essentially a kind of perfectionism. It scares you of any mistakes or imperfections.


  This kind of idea is unrealistic, because there are few such extreme polarization phenomena in life, no one is absolutely smart or stupid, no one is absolutely beautiful or ugly. Life is not only black and white, but also gray.




  This way of thinking makes you think that if something happens to you again and again, it will happen again and again, leading to the worst results. This bias in your life may have happened to everyone, but if you think about it, it has a huge impact on your life.


  Selective filtration


  There is a psychological experiment in which patients with depression face two faces, one is happy and the other is fearful. The first thing depressed people notice is a sad face, rarely a happy face, or even a neutral face. Generally speaking, depression patients have a tendency of psychological processing, they pay more attention to negative emotions or events in life, and recall unpleasant and bad things more frequently.


  This way of thinking allows you to pick out negative information from any situation in your life and review it over and over again, you will feel that the world is a negative place. So when you're depressed, it's like wearing a pair of colored glasses and filtering out any positive content. You are not aware of this "filtering process", so you will feel that everything is negative, which will bring you unnecessary pain.




  The biggest characteristics of this way of thinking are "enlarge" and "shrink". Specifically, you have a habit of saying too much or too little about certain facts. Interestingly, you tend to magnify your feelings of mistakes, imperfections, or fears, exaggerating their importance and catastrophic consequences.


  Also for your own good quality, you will use a small mirror to observe. You ignore your strengths and make them insignificant. In this disastrous way of thinking, you have succeeded in making yourself feel worse and worse.


  Attribution bias


  Generally speaking, attribution bias is the external attribution of positive events and the internal attribution of negative events. It's a more bizarre psychological illusion. In this mode of thinking, when things go well or neutral signals appear, people tend to classify or interpret positive experiences as negative ones. Some people tend to blame themselves and think that good things are done by others and bad things are done by themselves. However, most mental health people tend to make positive internal attribution and negative external attribution.


  Therefore, people with this way of thinking can turn happiness into worry and positive experience into negative experience in a short time. But you don't even know what you're doing.


  Untidy label


  Labeling yourself means using mistakes to build a completely negative self-image. This is an extreme form of generalization. The idea behind it is that "a person should be measured by his mistakes". From "I am..." Let's start. Use a sentence to describe your mistakes. You may label yourself.


  Labeling yourself is not only self defeating, but also absurd and stupid. Because remember: your self is not the same as what you do.


  These distorted ways of thinking are important factors for our depression, lack of respect and sense of value.


  My view is that cognition affects emotions and behaviors. If you can have self-knowledge in your life, or you can help your friends to discover these prejudices, it may be better to help you improve your quality of life and avoid depression. I hope everyone can have a more sunny life in their daily life.


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